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Reforming Secondary Plastics to Become the Primary Raw Material Choice for Added Value Products



Develop sound methodologies for waste plastic sampling, pre-treatment and characterisation.

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Develop a robust recycled plastic supply chain, safe, secure, and dependable.

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Engage citizens into recyclate acceptance and contribution to the recycled plastic economy.

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Design solid methodologies to assess the environmental impact of plastic recycling.

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As a WEEE plastics recycler and one of Europe's largest fridge recyclers, Coolrec will play an important role in the PRIMUS project as we will supply the materials needed for selected EEE and ELV applications.

Ana Rita Neiva

Plastics Engineer at Coolrec

I am leading WP6, sustainability assessments, and see this as a great opportunity to contribute to better fitting methodologies and IT especially for understanding the circularity of plastics, to support development of better circular solutions.

Andreas Ciroth

CEO at GreenDelta

We have together a top-notch and broadly experienced team that complement each other’s’ expertise and infra very well. In PRIMUS, we have a very ambitious target to produce high-performing added-value automotive and EEE demo products from recyclates that are upgraded from currently non-recycled or underutilised plastic waste from WEEE and ELV.

Anna Tenhunen-Lunkka

Project Manager at VTT

We are devoted to boosting the results of PRIMUS so that they are used beyond the lifetime of the project. Giving directions to partners from the start to the end of PRIMUS maximising the potential of the funded activities.

Carolina Mejía

Innovation Project Manager at MONDRAGON Corporation

At Cikautxo, our main strategic research challenge is to develop polymeric materials that are increasingly sustainable and valid for high demanding sectors like automotive and domestic appliances.

Gonzalo Martin

R&D Promotion & Funding at Cikautxo

In the PRIMUS consortium we have unique complementary expertise about recycling, legislation, traceability, characterization, and conversion of recycled polymer streams.

Jarkko J. Saarinen

Prof. of Materials Chemistry & Technology at University of Eastern Finland

I have over 30 years research experience related to molecular modelling, raw materials, evaluation on the availability of industry and waste streams, bio-based applications and process development, and production of nanocellulose. My role in EU-PRIMUS is to develop the debromination extraction techniques by deep eutectic solvents.

Lauri Kuutti

Senior Scientist at VTT

The collaboration of MAIER in PRIMUS Project focuses on improving the processing and manufacturing techniques of the recycled polymers, to meet the required technical and safety specifications, thus ensuring their use as a suitable raw material for the manufacture of high-quality automotive components.

Mario Ordoñez

New Materials Manager at Maier

PRE is committed to make the bridge between the outstanding technical work planned in the PRIMUS project and the legislative framework surrounding plastics recycling.

Mathilde Taveau

Regulatory Advisor at Plastics Recyclers Europe

Communication & Dissemination is all about getting people's attention and passing the message through. Not an easy task these days considering we are all highly overloaded with information. That is why messages need to be tuned for the receiving audience and that is why we put big efforts in being creative and fresh.

Patxi Saez de Viteri

Senior Project Manager at MONDRAGON Corporation

Project management is the backbone of the whole project and should create a safe environment that facilitates innovation and research at their finest.

Riitta Honkanen

Senior Specialist, EU Project Finance at VTT

Coolrec being a WEEE and WEEE plastics recycler, we are facing many challenges and opportunities. Probably the biggest challenge in our sector is proving compliance to chemical and product safety related legislation.

Tom Caris


Detailed understanding of the chemical composition is in the essence of all activities in the PRIMUS project, whether it is the feedstock characterization, the catalyst development, or the product quality assessment. Different steps in the plastics recycling requires different analytical approaches.

Janne Jänis

Professor Of Organic Chemistry At University Of Eastern Finland