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VTT Active Hyperspectral Sensor explained

Check out our latest video! One of the big challenges in plastic recycling is the quality control of recycled plastic. The degradation degree of the plastic - mainly caused by weathering and exposure to UV (solar) radiation - affects its properties, and may render the plastic unusable. In the PRIMUS project, we are utilizing the novel  VTT Active Hyperspectral Sensor (AHS) to sort the recyclable from non-recyclable plastic waste pieces according to their degradation degree. We have posted a brief simulation video to explain the process so click below to see how it works!  ...

Trash Talkin’! Chapter 2

Second episode of the PRIMUS podcast is out now! Hello Trash Talkers! This podcast is dedicated to exploring the complex and ever-evolving world of waste management and recycling in Europe. From the latest trends and technologies to the social, environmental, and economic impacts of recycling, our expert guests share their insights and perspectives on the most pressing issues facing the industry today. Join us as we delve into the challenges and opportunities of sustainable waste management practices across Europe. Trash Talking is your go-to source for insightful and engaging conversations about the future of waste management. In this second episode we will discover sustainable habits and great initiatives...