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PRIMUS podcast

First episode of PRIMUS podcast is out now! Welcome to Trash Talkin’! The podcast where we are spilling the tea on all things recycling and sustainability. Trash Talkin’ will become your go-to source for the best recycling practices and tips for a greener lifestyle. We're here to make sustainability cool and show you how to make a positive impact on the planet. We will discover real habits and experiences regarding sustainability across different parts of Europe since each episode will be dedicated to a country. The first chapter is about Finland and we brought a very special guest, Jarkko J. Saarinen, Professor and Scientific Excellence Manager...

Flame Retardants Webinar

Hello PRIMUS community, The 1st of June 2023, we organized the second episode of our webinar series BOOSTING PLASTIC RECYCLING, this time about Legacy Flame Retardants in Recycled Plastics. For this chapter we invited the European Project CREATOR, aimed at removing flame retardants from plastic waste. With their expertise and knowledge we explained everything about Legacy Flame Retardants, regulations and standards as well as testing, analysis and best practices for this matter. Thanks to all attendees and especially to our speakers: Kevin Moser, Lein Tange, Tom Caris, Mathilde Taveau and Carolina Mejía. Check the webinar below or on the Training section of our website. Stay tuned to our social...