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VTT and Circularise in recent events

Hello again PRIMUS community,

We are passing by to share our partner’s participation in recent events during the moth of November 2023. The 7th of November, PRIMUS partners from VTT travelled to Rimini, Italy, to attend the ECOMONDO 2023 conference. ECOMONDO is the reference event in Europe with the goal of creating an ecosystem for an Ecological Transition. It had a wide program of events, seminars and workshops, where VTT participated with a poster presenting the developments of PRIMUS.

On the other hand, Circularise attended the Greener Manufacturing Show in Cologne, Germany, the past 8th and 9th of November with a booth and presentation. It is a well known trade fair and conference for renewable and circular manufacturing solutions which reduce the impact of  industrial and manufacturing processes on the environment and global climate change. It provides the opportunity to source new solutions across the entire supply chain to meet the growing demand for sustainable and circular products.

Thank you to our partners for the excellent work and for representing PRIMUS in such important events.

We will be happy to keep attending future events!