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Sister projects collaboration

Exciting Collaboration Alert for the Primus Community!

We’re thrilled to share that the PRIMUS project is embarking on a groundbreaking collaboration with three other visionary sister-projects – Precycling, INCREACE, and ABSoilEU. Our unified goal? To revolutionize the way we address plastic waste by producing high-quality recyclates tailored to the diverse needs of various industries.

This partnership is born from a shared commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation following the same funded-program. Together, we aim to tackle one of the most pressing challenges of our time – plastic pollution – and convert it into an opportunity for positive change.

Our Joint Mission: Transforming Plastic Waste into Value

As we join forces, we’ve outlined strategic objectives to ensure our collaboration is both impactful and effective:

  • Defining «Recyclates»: Establishing a shared understanding of high-quality recyclable materials.
  • Characterizing Waste Streams: Identifying and categorizing waste streams to optimize the production of high-quality recyclates.
  • Boosting Awareness and Engagement: Through comprehensive Dissemination and Communication plans, including webinars and stakeholder engagement, we aim to spread our message far and wide, leveraging 4-5 key messages that underscore our mission.
  • Establishing Coordinated Advisory Boards: To ensure our efforts are guided by expertise and diverse perspectives, we’re setting up coordinated advisory boards.

Stay tuned to our news section for updates on this exciting journey. Together, we can make a significant impact on the environment and pave the way for a sustainable future. Join us in this crucial mission.