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PRIMUS Project > Circular economy of plastics

Circular economy of plastics



Lesson Summary

Anna Tenhunen-Lunkka, Senior Scientist and Project Manager at VTT ,discusses sustainable practices and innovative recycling technologies in transforming plastic waste into valuable resources as part of the PRIMUS EU project:

  • The lesson emphasizes mechanical plastic recycling and utilizing recyclates in high-demand applications.
  • The significance of plastics in modern society, benefits, and challenges are explored, including the issue of plastic waste accumulation in various ocean regions.

Challenges and issues related to plastic recycling and circularity are highlighted:

  • Only about 12% of global plastics are recycled.
  • The composition of plastics, including polymers and additives, and the presence of hazardous substances like brominated flame retardants are explained.
  • Discussion on legal frameworks and initiatives in the EU regarding plastic waste with hazardous substances is provided.

Additional points covered include:

  • The need for systemic changes for circularity and innovative recycling methods like mechanical and chemical recycling.
  • Environmental concerns related to microplastics and nanoplastics are discussed, focusing on their impact on aquatic animals.
  • Challenges associated with plastic production, particularly concerning greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels, are addressed.
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