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Plastic Waste to Product Interface Webinar

Hello again PRIMUS community,

The 27th of September 2023 we carried out an enlightening webinar and practical workshop on Plastic Waste to Product Interface, with our project coordinator, Anna Tenhunen-Lunkka and the PRIMUS regulatory Work Package leader Mathilde Taveau.

One of our missions in the project is to create a wide European definition of recycled plastics, considering the legislative, and regulatory perspectives, as well as forcing to strengthen the complete value chain of plastic recycling. In the webinar we have reviewed the legal texts surrounding the plastic waste-product interface to establish the legal boundaries in which the EU accepted definition of recyclate needs to reside; taking into account the end-of-waste criteria.

Then, we summarised the input from various regions of the EU on how plastic recyclate is defined, what currently accepted verification methods exist for recycled content in product, and what is required to guarantee the safety of products and legal compliance with sector specific legislation. The attendees have participated in validating the barriers and opportunities and have contributed with meaningful solutions for each part of the value chain.

Thanks to all attendees and especially to our speakers!

Check the webinar in the link below.

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See you soon!