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Plastic Sampling Processes and Outcomes Webinar

Hello PRIMUS community,

October 5th we organized the third chapter of our webinar series BOOSTING PLASTIC RECYCLING, dedicated to Plastic Sampling Processes and Outcomes.

We carried out the webinar with two project partners, Mathilde Taveau from Plastics Recyclers Europe and Jarkko J. Saarinen from the University of Eastern Finland.

With their expertise and knowledge we explained everything about plastic sampling processes and techniques as well as the PRE 1000 tool, by Plastics Recyclers Europe to achieve a high quality recycling. We finished the webinar with a round table session and questions from the attendees.

Thanks to all of those who joined and specially to our speakers!

Check out the webinar below or on the training section of our website.

See you in the next chapter of our webinar series with another interesting talk about how to boost plastic recycling!