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PRIMUS Project > The GreenTech INNOVATION FORUM 2024

Dear PRIMUS community!

The 21-22 of May we’ll asist to The GreenTech INNOVATION FORUM 2024 in Brussels. This event connects innovative EU projects for collaborative advancement in Sustainability and Circular Economy. Our sister projects, ABSOLEU, INCREACE, PRECYCLING  and more, will also be there. The four main objectives are:

  1. Clustering: The forum fosters collaboration and partnership building among project leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders. Through thematic sessions, workshops, and matchmaking activities, it promotes clustering among related projects, encouraging cooperation and collective problem-solving.
  2. Policy recommendation: By identifying challenges, gaps, and opportunities in the innovation ecosystem, participants help shape policies that support and nurture innovation at the European level.
  3. Industry uptake: The forum acts as a vital platform for accelerating industry uptake, driving market penetration among potential clients, and cultivating an environment for robust engagement and knowledge exchange. It catalyzes the adoption of innovative solutions within the industry.
  4. Financing: The forum includes dedicated sessions for showcasing funding opportunities, engaging investors, and facilitating discussions on accessing additional financial resources.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this unique event! Register now:


Location: On-line
Date: 21/05/2024
Duration: 2 Days