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5th Consortium Meeting

Dear PRIMUS community,

The 6th consortium meeting of the PRIMUS project was held from May 22nd to May 23rd in Tallinn, hosted by our partner, the University of Tallinn. The meeting brought together key stakeholders, researchers, and experts from various fields to review the project’s progress, address challenges, and plan for the future. All of our partners attended the event, including MONDRAGON Corporation, MAIER, and CIKAUTXO from Spain, GreenDelta  from Germany, the University of Eastern Finland and VTT from Finland, Coolrec and Circularise from the Netherlands, and Plastics Recyclers Europe from Belgium.

In addition to its primary goals, the 6th consortium meeting provided a platform for collaboration and networking among participants. Interactive workshops and networking sessions facilitated the creation of new connections, enriching collective expertise and extending the project’s impact beyond its initial scope.

You can watch the video on our YouTube channel!