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PRIMUS Project > Introduction to polymers

Introduction to polymers



Lesson Summary

This lecture by Prof. Jarkko J Saarinen from the University of Eastern Finland provides a comprehensive overview of polymer science, covering various important aspects:

  1. Focus on the classification, structure, and nomenclature of polymers.
  2. Types of polymers including thermoplastics, elastomers, and thermosets.
  3. Explanation of key polymerization techniques:
    1. Condensation (step growth) polymerization.
    2. Addition (chain growth) polymerization.
  4. Exploration of the microscopic and macroscopic properties of polymers.
  5. Discussion on the practical applications of polymers in manufacturing processes such as:
    1. Injection molding.
    2. Extrusion.
    3. Calendaring.
  6. Connection of theoretical concepts to real-world industrial uses.
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